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What Can We Do For You?

When it comes to giving your venue an interesting new twist, join the growing list of successful venues that have opted for the COMPLETE TRIVIA NIGHT experience.

With over 70 trivia shows every week, in 5 states, (South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland & ACT), satisfied club and hotel managers constantly tell us that their venue is packed for their weekly Complete Trivia night, with excellent returns on bar, food and gaming facilities.

We also create Corporate Trivia Shows and Private Trivia shows that are created specifically for you, taking into account things like corporate culture and audience age, sex and nationality demographics. Companies we have worked for include Microsoft, Nestle, Macquarie Bank, TNT, Eagle Boys, Deutsche Bank, The Professional Golfers Association, and many private clients with great success.

The 5 Main Elements of a Complete Trivia Show are :
  1. THE TRIVIA QUIZ – The quiz consists of 2 rounds of 20 questions with prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. This may be followed by a cash jackpot round of 3 harder questions.
  2. SPOT PRIZES – These are questions scattered throughout the show with on-the-spot instant prizes.
  3. FAMOUS FACES – This is a fun visual game played while the presenter marks the Complete Trivia quiz.
  4. SOUND CLUES – The host is supplied with a CD from which to play music bites or voice quotes to ask questions about.
  5. JACKPOTS – An additional, often monetary, prize may be offered to the winning answer for a jackpot question. If the right answer is not given, the prize money rolls over to the next week, or jackpots, giving a great incentive for teams to return next week to win it.

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Complete Trivia has different types of Trivia Quiz Shows available.

Weekly Trivia Quiz

  1. Complete Trivia Quiz
  2. Memory Lane Trivia

Single Occasion Trivia Quiz

  1. Fund Raising Trivia Nights
  2. Social, Private & Corporate Functions

What Does Complete Trivia Do?

Complete Trivia can organise a trivia host for the night of your choice, or train a host of your choice. We supply the Trivia Quiz and can create custom quizzes tailored to your needs. We supply all the documents for the competition (answer sheets etc), promotional posters and advertisements (as a .jpeg image) for in-house screen promotion. The trivia host asks the questions, tallies the answers, presents the prizes and keeps the crowd entertained during the two to two and a half hour show.

What Does A Venue Need To Do?

The event or venue manager will need to organise a prize package for the night. Complete Trivia will work with you on this and work out a full budget for the night, so you know how much you are spending. We also need to know if you have an in-house sound system or if PA equipment is needed.